Beyond the illusory world

 Beyond the illusory world

In the first article and the 23 minute film, Path of Compassion, of the series on the story of Buddhism, art historian and producer-director BENOY K BEHL took us to all the Buddhist sites of India. Let us find out where he takes us today…

In 483 BCE, Gautama Buddha attained Parinirvana, the final escape from the illusions of the material world. His followers divided his mortal relics and enshrined them in the heart of mud stupas which were made.  Thus began a tradition which spread to many countries and continues till today. Later, stupas housed the remains of other great teachers, their personal belongings and also Buddhist texts. This film covers the making of the early stupas and their sculpted railings. We also see the site of Bharhut, the railings in the Indian Museum in Kolkata and the stupas of Sanchi (2nd century BCE-1st century CE). Do read his books, Buddhism: The Path of Compassion; The Ajanta Caves and The Art of India in two volumes.




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