The first-ever youtube series on doyen of Indian dance Prof Mohan Khokar

 The first-ever youtube series on doyen of Indian dance Prof Mohan Khokar

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The IHC (Habitat World Art & Culture) is doing the first-ever major focus on Indian dance pioneer, scholar, collector and father- figure of archiving, the late Prof Mohan Khokar starting on his 20th death anniversary – September 17. The first male student of Kalakshetra in 1945, he was also the founder-head of Baroda MS University dance department and later became OSD in the then Education Ministry before becoming Secretary of the central Sangeet Natak Akademi. His lifetime work is platformed through his famed Dance Collection now donated to the IGNCA.

The nine  episodes of the IHC series, denoting the Navarasa, will be virtually platformed, one each week. Subjects covered will be progressive theme wise: first on the scholar and his collection; the second on A century of Indian dance, as it unfolded; third, Pioneers; fourth on concepts like choreography, fifth on Bharatanatyam gurus, sixth on Odissi, seventh on Indian dance abroad, the eighth on guru shishya parampra, and the final episode on the modern dance today.
Ashish Khokar
Anchored, curated and conceptualised by Ashish Khokar, son and successor, himself a well known dance personality, historian, author and critic, the aim of the series “is to connect old Bharat with young India”. Between two Khokars, India’s 100 plus years of dance history and heritage is saved for the nation to savour.
Ashish Khokar has now trusted the revived IGNCA under Dr Joshi, to be recipient of this mammoth collection, donated in 2018 to them. Trustees Sonal Mansingh, Padma Subrahmanyam, Bharat Gupt and Saryu Doshi and others have supported this cause celebre and some are part of this series. The A to Z of Indian dance will be the canvas of this nine-week event for HABITAT, which had the wisdom and eye to grab this rare offering.
Watch it every Tuesday on HABITAT you tube channel.


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1 Comment

  • Shall be following this event very closely.

    I now also understand the importance of 17.09.

    My profound respects to Uncle, Professor Mohan Khokar to the world.

    In Episode 1, my attention was drawn to the commentary of Guru Padma Subramanyam. She has very effortlessly put across a great reality: connecting the past to the present which will go into the future. Finally, this is the underlying philosophy of conservation.

    Ashish ji, you merit more than all the accholades and blessings showered upon you for this feat in your career and life.

    The video does well to bring out different aspects of your respected Father.

    I myself relate to his stoic silence and penetrating looks. As a young lad, I always felt that he was trying to assess, like all fathers do, the company his son kept!

    My thoughts are with Mother. I hope she knows what all is happening around her.

    I am looking forward to all the episodes and wish you success on this journey.

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