Wooden sculpture show at Taipa Village Art Space

 Wooden sculpture show at Taipa Village Art Space

Taipa Village Art Space is playing host to wooden sculpture exhibition “Restless Nature” by renowned artist Tong Chong. The exhibition that began on July 5 showcases Tong’s new collection, created using pioneering plywood techniques. These works are the results of the artist’s three years of research on using the material. The show will remain open till September 6.
Tong’s sculptures depict fictional creatures and figurative forms in natural wood block reflecting modern society and culture as well as everyday human activity. Essentially, these works examine human behavior in the contemporary times.
The ongoing show has seven sculptures on display, each a result of research of new plywood techniques, revealing meticulous craftsmanship.
“The nature of sculpture enacts a haptic relationship with the observer,” says Joao O, President of the Executive Board. Taipa Village Cultural Association, “however, what is experienced in this new series, besides the obvious contours differentiating the foreground and the background, is a cognitive exaltation – the clear emergence of the negative space. This can be discovered in the spaces in-between the schooling in ‘Fishes’, the carved space in ‘Cloud’, and the intertwined space of the endless line in ‘Circular’.
“The suggestion of movement is manifested by the sculptures’ missing parts, forcing the human eye to attempt to fill the void, thus creating a psychological restlessness in the act of perception,” he added.
As the first sculpture show at Taipa Village Art Space, this exhibition marks another step in the transformation of Taipa Village into a lively centre for artistic and cultural endeavors, and contributes to the development of non-gaming tourism in Macau.
Set up to highlight the uniqueness of Taipa Village’s heritage by raising awareness of its attractions and cementing its position as a distinctive community that benefits all of Macau, Taipa Village Cultural Association, has planned numerous initiatives to preserve, enrich and cement the village as a tourist and cultural destination. These initiatives include a diverse range of artistic and cultural attractions which offer visitors to enjoy a unique experience of the authentic Macau.


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