Watch Rameshwar Broota’s Visions of Interiority @ KNMA

 Watch Rameshwar Broota’s Visions of Interiority @ KNMA

Life at present is gripped by the fear of mortality and death, pain, helplessness, fighting an invisible enemy, where in the body and its care has become the most pertinent subject of discussion — its strength, and immunity, its frailty and vulnerability have taken centre stage. The Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA) team felt it pertinent to re-present the retrospective of Rameshwar Broota, Visions of Interiority that would bring to the global/ digital/ virtual audiences, the overbearing emphasis in Broota on the human body and its predicament.

This project refrains from becoming a simple walk-through of the past exhibition. Instead it interweaves fresh juxtapositions of visuals, insertions of texts and an abbreviated narrative that hints at various encounters of the human body vis- a-vis natural and urban industrial environments.

Watch Broota’s early experimental films, zoom in and get a closer look at his iconic paintings in the Viewing Room, hear the artist speak about his technique, explore press clippings and reviews of his early solo exhibitions, walk through his retrospective organised by KNMA in October 2014, and much more at


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