Uma Sharma’s nritya abhinaya on Meera bhajans

 Uma Sharma’s nritya abhinaya on Meera bhajans

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To celebrate Janmashtami with the disciples of Bhartiya Sangeet Sadan (Uma Sharma School of Dance and Music), Padma Bhushan Dr Uma Sharma presented a programme of Nritya Abhinaya (Kathak) at India International Centre, New Delhi in the presence of over 400 guests.

The programme featured her abhinaya on Radhe-Govind with her disciples which was a unique dance form that included the traditional raas of Vrindavan with classical Kathak.

The items presented to celebrate Janmashtami were based on Krishna-leelas such as Kalia Mardan Leela by Umaji’s disciples, the story of Krishna going in to a pond to retrieve his ball and finding serpent Kalia there and then deciding to punish him for wanting to kill villagers of his hometown.

To satisfy and pacify gopis, Krishna started Maharaas dance which is a spiritual experience. With his supreme powers, he multiplied his form so that each gopi felt Krishna was dancing only with her.

Umaji presented the abhinaya based on Meera bhajan, Vaari-vaari Shyam hoon vaari and a bhajan based on the poem written by Surdas which also shows Maakhan Chori Leela.


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