Turn up the heat with Kriti Sanon

 Turn up the heat with Kriti Sanon

India’s biggest hip-hop festival is back with Season 4 for the country’s first hip-hop league 

After three years and three seasons of dance battles, BREEZER Vivid Shuffle is back, taking it a notch higher by transforming into the country’s first ever hip-hop league. In its first digital edition, the BREEZER Vivid Shuffle League conceptualised and produced by Only Much Louder Entertainment Pvt Ltd will kickstart from November 6, and has opened the floor to not just b-boys and b-girls, but also rappers, artistes and just about anybody who wants to make waves in India’s hip-hop scene.

Going beyond the realm of dance, this year the festival is following a league format that will include all elements of hip-hop across music, art and dance. Led by ambassadors Kriti Sanon and Vijay Devarakonda, the league will span over five months as it digitally travels across regions to scout for talent from every nook and corner of the country.

Alongside the ambassadors, there will be four league ambassadors namely, Kr$na, JordIndian, Shantanu Maheshwari and Piyush & Shazia, leading four teams with participants from five distinct fields of music, art and dance. Additionally, participants will get a chance to brush up their skills, through the School of Shuffle workshops and masterclasses conducted by experts, during the festival. Online registrations for the league will take place on Insider starting November 6 and will continue till December 21, post which virtual auditions will commence on January 17. The winners will win big this year with a cash prize of Rs 2 million.



“I have always loved dancing before I even started acting. Hip-hop is one of the coolest dance forms and it makes me immensely happy that I finally get to be a part of this colourful and disruptive movement. I believe there are so many talented dancers out there who are just waiting for a platform like BREEZER Vivid Shuffle and I am super excited to see the crazy talent that gets discovered this season,” said actor Kriti Sanon.

“Hip-hop’s been a fascination since I was young- the music, the fashion, culture, graffiti. I used to be a hooked to watching international dance shows and always wished I could pop, lock, krump and freestyle like the dancers on the show. Till today hip-hop is my only go-to for music when I work-out so I am really excited by the BREEZER Vivid Shuffle League, which is bringing to us all things I love about hip-hop on one platform. Look forward to the great talent and a great show,” stated Vijay Devarakonda.


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