It’s time to put on jutti and shake legs!!

 It’s time to put on jutti and shake legs!!

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With the party season around the corner, Koinage Records is back again with another party track that appeals to youngsters titled Jutti.  Madhur Dhir, The Surilla lawyer, rendered his voice along with Jasmeen Akhtar for the song. Its lyrics were written by Mukku and music was composed by Aditya Vashisht.

The music video of Jutti was released Wednesday on the YouTube channel of Koinage Records. The song along with Madhur Dhir features movie actress and fashion influencer, Sakshi Dwivedi. The peppy dancing number also features the popular Bhangra Dance Group, Folking Desi, along with girls performing urban dance. They together add up to the vibe of the song and instantly lift up the mood with their unmissable swag and moves.

Talking about Jutti, Madhur said, “Punjabi Music is something that anybody can instantly connect with, and I feel the same for Jutti. The moment you listen to it, your foot starts tapping on it. The whole video is also shot in a similar manner keeping the essence and vibe of the song alive, be it dance or costumes. It was a whole journey from its first recording to it finally getting released. I am just hoping to garner the same amount of love, in fact, more on Jutti.”

Madhur Dhir, often synonymised as The Surilia Lawyer embarked on his musical journey long back but it was his arrival on the stage of The Voice India Season 2 that skyrocketed his career. Another milestone to his career was when he appeared in a YouTube Premium-based singing reality competition, ARRived by A.R Rahman. His soulful performances also paved his way to the finals of Radio City Super Singer. His other original tracks Red Prada, Munda Baimaan and Oru Adaar Love are still nested in the essence of more than a million viewers.




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