Sushma Soma paints an aural picture of Nature-man ties with music album ‘Home’

 Sushma Soma paints an aural picture of Nature-man ties with music album ‘Home’

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The Singapore-based artist, Sushma Soma, who originally hails from Chennai attempts to aurally paint a picture of Man, Nature and the interconnectedness between them both with her collaborator Aditya Prakash on Home. Home is the second album from Soma and features seven contemporary Carnatic classical tracks in mesmerising, experimental arrangements. The music album released on all platforms late last week.

Home is a reflection on Soma’s relationship with Nature and the environment and her response to the events around the world that have impacted her. The seven-track record explores sounds from our everyday lives that impact our environmental landscapes. The album showcases her passion for sustainability and environmental awareness with its Carnatic sensibilities steeped in visceral sounds of nature.

Home comes two years after Soma’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘Sa’ that featured global artists, including Prakash and London-based Sarod composer Soumik Datta. Recognised as one of the ‘10 women leaders in music’ in Singapore, she was awarded the prestigious Young Artist Award, the highest honour for young arts practitioners in Singapore, by The National Arts Council, Singapore, in December 2020.

“The starting point for this album was a series of incidents that left me feeling gutted – from the pregnant elephant in India who tragically died when she fed on a pineapple stuffed with explosives, to the loss of indigenous plants and wildlife in the Amazon forest fires. I was struggling to reconcile my love for the natural world with my everyday choices starting from the care-less consumption of single use plastic and blatant wastage of resources.”


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