Subhi’s award-winning love song ‘Better’ is out

 Subhi’s award-winning love song ‘Better’ is out

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Indo American music artist Subhi is all set to release her next track Better. The track better is co written with Natania Lalwani and the music is produced by LA based producer Chris Wright. The song had won the Songwriter Universe’s Best song of the month contest and reached the semis of the Unsigned Only Competition USA 2021.

“I rarely write love songs so this one is extra special to me. I don’t take anything in my life for granted and am grateful for all the wonderful things that have happened to me. The biggest one is finding the right life partner who makes me a better person each day,” says Subhi talking about the story behind Better.


“So, I wanted a song about us and our relationship. He complements me, even in the craziest and most difficult times. But, it is hard to write about these emotions -how do you look at your own life from the outside? How do you put your feelings into words and melody?” she asks.

Faced with these questions Subhi got co-writer Natania Lalwani on board. “I had a wonderful time sharing my love story and writing this song with her. I was in Chicago and Natania in LA. We coordinated over Facetime and sent each other voice memos. That’s how the song got done,” she informs.

LA-based producer Chris Wright came on board to work on the music for the song. Better won Songwriter Universe ‘Best Song of the Month Contest’ last year and reached the semi-finals round of the Unsigned Only Competition USA 2021.

“I really hope when people listen to this song, it reminds them of folks who make them better individuals. Let’s be grateful for the people in our lives who make us who are we today, tomorrow, and forever,” says Subhi. .


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