Do art works leave a spiritual impact upon viewers?

 Do art works leave a spiritual impact upon viewers?

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Do you know that many paintings drawn by artists emit positive vibrations? Several researches have shown that the spiritual state of an artist has a significant impact on the spiritual vibrations their artwork emits. Let us see what the artists have to say about this:


Manav Gupta

Any art form emanates from a process of an evolving understanding, perception and translation of all that is absorbed, assimilated and processed by its creator – the artist. I would like to take that paradigm to the experience a viewer has when he sees a child – a toddler putting colours on paper with a box of crayons. The purest innocence of that child’s expression, the freshness of colours and form, unblemished from worldly engagements, opens the heart chakra of the viewer, bringing a spontaneous smile and joy. It is perhaps from a connection that comes from a larger and higher cosmic energy. I consider it to be indeed a blessing for my 25 years of art practice that has always engaged with nature as a spiritual exercise, when viewers sit beside my ‘river’ installation for long, or stand feeling immersed in my ‘rain’ or respond to a painting of mine with a feeling of soothing calm or a journey of inner quest that my creation takes them to. A true artist’s creation – painting, installation… will speak for itself, if it retains that sanctity of that inner child, while bringing the rigour and maturity of practice and experience. It would, in a natural engagement, bring a spontaneous benefit of impact for the viewer because the creation has a cord with the Higher Self – a cosmic realm of the Universe that is larger & greater than this world and individual.


Kajal Nalwa

In general it is said that a painting or picture has more impact on the viewer as compared to words. So definitely divine forms and spiritual tones do influence the viewer positively. Speaking for myself, I like to show divine forms in some of my paintings to highlight the relationship between our thoughts and nature around us and divinity. There is also the aspect of adding positivity to our homes and most of us painters and viewers like to feel the presence of the spiritual and divine. This, as an artist, can take many forms – realistic or abstract representations of the divine forces that surround us.


Ghazali Moinuddin

For me, spiritualism is a very different aspect in Art.  Whatever comes out of your heart is spiritual and that’s what art is. The subject of my paintings is mostly nature because it is my inner reflection of thoughts and also gives me a lot of emotional relief. It is clear that art and sprituality goes hand in hand.
As far as viewers are concerned, they have different views and perspectives. Some connect with the art through their inner soul, feeling all relaxed and calm while others express different perspectives in the art work which is probably different from the artist’s perspective.
At times artists use symbols in spiritual paintings but not every spiritual painting needs to be symbolic or figurative. Every painting that comes out of your heart with truth and is purely your creation is basically a Spiritual Master Piece of Art. Every artist and even a viewer knows how much devotion and honesty is given in the art work and to what extent they are able to connect with us.


Harsh Inder Loomba

Throughout history of mankind, Art has often been described as spiritual, which means inter alia that the art imparts spiritual ideas or truths. The term ‘spirituality’ is difficult to define in simple terms. It is not just artworks depicting religious stories or beliefs but also refers to a certain outlook on life. It accommodates feelings that may involve metaphysical beliefs, or that may be something that is present in one’s life but is undefined, often because it is difficult to articulate. The elasticity of term contributes to its convenience of use but also to its somewhat vague and nebulous nature.
The experience of an artwork can be a spiritual one, if the viewer is receptive to spirituality. The spiritual is provoked or invoked somehow by the formal aspects of the work – specifically, certain themes, features of the forms, such as the size or surfaces of the canvas. The medium and other features of a life-size paint loaded canvases evoke a very different and mystic experience to the viewer.
From a personal experience, my artworks have brought out such emotional ‘connect’ with the viewers, that even I had not experienced myself and they find or see forms that I had not intended to paint. Spirituality in Art is a very strong emotion or sense that makes this form so unique and sought after experience.


Priyanka Banerjee

Since time immemorial, art has been considered an integral part of religion and shares an important relationship with spirituality. Distressed and uncertain times often compel an individual to withdraw his gaze from external environment and turn it inwards. Art forms like literature, music and art are the most t sensitive spheres in which the spiritual revolution makes itself felt. Abstract art or paintings on Hindu Gods and goddesses have a strong visual impact on the viewers as they create consciousness like that of a meditative state in which the ordinary and crude reality is transcended. Thus, the spiritual paintings act as meditative aids to ease the sufferings of humankind and provide them a higher sense of purpose, peace, optimism and meaning. The paintings have a charismatic effect of boosting the inner strengths of an individual when he/ she goes through the crisis and it often results in faster recovery from despair.


Reeya Rene Rajpal

Painting is nothing but reflection of one’s soul on a surface through pigments. Spiritualism, a single word with meaning which could be both unfathomable, yet perfectly tangible at the same time. It is said that an individual exists not only in a mortal, human realm but also on a plane where the soul wanders free, where it craves growth and development, and there is no better fodder for this wanderer than art.
Not only does this hold true for those who create art; but is of equal relevance to those who view and actively consume art. Existence can be mundane, there is no falsiloquence in that statement; but life holds meaning, and it is definitely more than just surviving.
Art makes one feel alive; it makes it possible to weave a world full of stories and color. Artists pluck their heart out and pour their soul in their works; viewers can feel the tingle of that passionate spirit in their bones, meditate in the swivel of the strokes, let themselves melt into and become one with the colors, let their spirit wander free.


Roy Thomas

The essence of a successful painting is the element of spirituality that lies underneath the physicality of the work. It could be silent or mysterious. It may happen knowingly or unknowingly. This element gets infused with the subject and context of my painting which makes it different from an illustrative narration of ideas. This magic happens mostly through my prolonged engagement with every painting I do.


Deepali Jain

Spirituality is relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.
Spiritual impact would be felt, whenever you see some art that moves you. It would depend on the viewer, as to how much he/she is trying to engage with art. But this spiritual aspect will not emerge instantaneously, it will only be felt through concentrated, continual engagement with the art work – looking at it, trying to interpret  and understand it. After an intense viewing, the viewer would absorb the art work, which then evokes different emotions – it could make them overwhelmed or a feeling that they are in the presence of God.
Sometimes the sheer size of a painting can influence -like Rothko’s paintings, people have mentioned crying staring in front of it, and have felt divine feelings standing in front of it.  So when they see such massive art works, the size itself makes them feel as if they are engulfed by the colours. Piet Mondrian’s tree is another one – the tree being stripped to basic colours and just shapes is what takes people to spirituality – as it showed that all trees are the same – originated from the same basic shapes and colours. So the universality makes it spiritual and denotes that we all are the same- just shapes and colours.


Apoorv Om

When we express our thoughts in artwork on hard surface, our true feelings are expressed which are associated with spirituality. It inspires others to access their ability by finding out inner strength. The instant effect through an artwork provides power to the branches of our brain.


Shikha Sinha


There can be no spiritual bonding without communication within a person. Without inner communication there can be no inner peace. Art is a way of expressing oneself on a canvas, communicating with one’s soul. When an artist creates a painting, it’s not just colors on a canvas, it is an expression of his soul. It is also a context which can be used by every viewer to start their own conversation. Consider it an ice breaker with oneself. In every spiritual endeavor a painting is a helpful partner, a point of concentration, food for thought, it can help the conversation with oneself and the universe going.


Neeraj Goswami

A work of art has the power to transform and transcend. The artist through his creative process first transforms himself, later his experiences are recreated in the viewer who appreciates his artwork. Human being is a set of vibrations, all the emotions and experiences are but vibrations felt into his system. His thinking, understanding and imagination play a role in the way he vibrates. Meditations on canvas can create a visual “form” which has the power to transform the vibratory state of the viewer and bring him to an elevated sublime state. A true art work always has an impact on the viewer, it can disturb, shock, surprise or elevate him by bringing detachment and nullifying his ego. A viewer thus shedding his ego can reach closure to his true self or the seat of consciousness within him and experience elevated sublime state.


Varsha lad

Each artistic expression involves the recognition of a feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than myself, something more to being human than sensory experience, and that the greater whole of which we are part of, is cosmic or divine in nature. An opening of the heart is an essential aspect of true spirituality. Creating art relieves stress, encourages creative thinking, increases brain plasticity, and imparts other mental health benefits. Anyone can create an art form.
Art washes from the soul, the dust of everyday life. It is widely thought that the capacity of artwork to arouse emotions in audiences is perfectly natural. It just seems obvious that we can feel sadness or joy for fictional characters, fear while viewing scary monsters on the movie screen, and joy upon listening to upbeat, happy songs. This may be why so many of us are consumers of art in the first place. Good art contains colour, shapes and forms which our soul can interpret.
Art makes us feel something when even our mind is absolutely blank. And it’s not just philosophers and other artists who feel this way. Some scientists even theorized that artistic expression does not stop at making us feel good. These experts believe that creative interaction in the arts can be used as a way to heal people, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I as an artist, truly experience this spiritual echo in all aspects of my life.


Pratiksha Apurv

Ordinarily, art is seen as another skill set, a by-product of education, training, intelligence etc. But, the fact is art; especially painting is some sort of a discovery, a product of pure awareness of the artist. The paint and canvas has a very limited role. They only become the medium to depict the inner journey of an artist. The art lovers or common folks are drawn towards the paintings not only because they are so beautiful but also because it reflects the memoir of a seeker. Yes, paintings do have spiritual impact because each painting is born out of awareness, because each painting is unravelling of the artist’s inner journey.


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