Social activist Niraj Gera comes out with a photo series on inmates of old-age homes

 Social activist Niraj Gera comes out with a photo series on inmates of old-age homes

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The Indian family system has a deeply embedded impression of living in a joint family where parents often stay with their grown-up children. When parents reach an age where they need support from their children, children consider it as their moral duty. But Indian society has been going through a major social and economic transformation, which is also threatening the age-old family system.
With a lot of children migrating to other states and countries, for “better prospects” as also the rising number of nuclear families, there has been a shocking growth of old-age homes in our nation. As a result, the common social practice of the West is now rapidly gaining ground in our country as well. While old age homes are undoubtedly a blessing for those who are betrayed at their retirement age by their children or destiny as their boarding and lodging needs are met, rarely are these able to nourish the starving and wounded souls of older people.

Social activist Niraj Gera has come out with a soul-stirring series of photographs giving voice to such desolate souls living in old-age homes. The series, Abandoned Souls, released today (October 1) on the occasion of International Day for Older Persons, features heart-wrenching photographs, depicting the dark reality of insensitivity of family members towards elderly people, and simultaneously pricks the conscience of such people, with the powerful messages (written by Nidhi Gupta) that these photographs carry. The photographs were clicked at Sawhney Vridhh Ashram, Triveni Vridhh Ashram and Rounak Vridhh Ashram of Delhi.

“The mushrooming of old-age homes across India gave me the idea of this photo series. I intend to sensitise society as a whole so that we start caring and supporting our parents, especially in their old age when they need it most! This series will also make people aware that they should try to keep some assets/funds for their old age so that they don’t become dependent on anyone for the rest of their life,” says Gera, who is also the chairman of NGO Humanify Foundation.

Gera appeals to the youth to become more sensitive for their elder ones and ensure that their parents don’t end up living a vulnerable life. “We all must visit old-age homes on a regular basis and share the joys and sorrows of elderly living there,” he adds.


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