Teen singer-songwriter eyeing the top post on Billboard Charts

 Teen singer-songwriter eyeing the top post on Billboard Charts

Mukta Munshi

Mumbai-based, teen singer-songwriter Aditi Iyer recently released her second EP Dollhouse, the four-track EP woven around the disconcerting pattern of abusive relationships. A class 12 student, she released her first EP at 10! But that is not hard to understand as she got in her genes – her maternal grandmother is a Carnatic music singer. “And my parents are quite supportive of my interest in music and give a free hand to follow my passion,” she says.
Born in London, Iyer lived at Singapore and Delhi, before her family moved to the Maximum City, and Mumbai is where she lives now.

The beginning
The journey into the world of music started really early. At three she was singing nursery rhymes, and by the time she turned five, she was belting out Celine Dion and Whitney Houston numbers. At eight, she began Opera and Western classical training which today is a huge part of her identity. “This was the time when I realised that I could release my own songs, for I had a lot of say. At 10, I released ‘Who You Are’ which was about my experience of overcoming bullying when I was younger,” she says.
At school, she was a much sought-after singer, singing at almost all school events, all of which was instrumental in making her a good musician.
In the last few years, Iyer has made a lot of original songs, and released those globally, becoming better with each release. “My first EP The Girl They See had four songs all about self-love and acceptance, while the second one Dollhouse is about abusive relationships. It has received many positive reviews,” says the teen musician, who considers Taylor Swift as her idol. “I’m in love with her lyrics and the way they paint a picture when I listen to them. I’ve always felt the full swing of emotions from her songs and I always hope to recreate that feeling in my own style for my listeners,” she adds.
Iyer practices for an hour every day, which consists of vocal warm-ups and songs. “I try not to overwhelm my voice by practicing more than I’m capable of because nothing in excess is good, not even practice,” she remarks.

Inspiration, appreciation & awards
“One thing that definitely sticks out for me is my experience at Next Star Romania, a very popular Romanian talent show. I sang Hero by Mariah Carey, a song I’ve been emotionally attached to since a very young age, and the judges gave me a standing ovation along with most of the audience there. I came runners-up and felt on top of the world that an audience who didn’t even speak the same language as I did was able to connect to my singing so much. Aside from this, a lot of reputed publications like The Hindu and The Hindustan Times called me a child prodigy which was a real confidence-booster when it came to my belief in my musical abilities.”
“A teacher who’s helped me hone my vocal technique a lot is Situ Singh Buehler. I began learning from her when I was eight. Before that I only knew how to belt out pop; she taught me Western classical technique and that hugely helped me improve the quality of my voice and vocal technique,” she says.

Turning passion into profession
“I have huge ambitions for myself like hopefully becoming one of India’s first crossover artists and hitting the number one spot on the Billboard Charts. It might sound lofty and unbelievable, but if others can do, I can do too.”

Other than music…
“I’m passionate about writing. I’m often found writing poems, songs, and short stories. I also love reading mostly realistic fiction and sometimes nonfiction on topics that interest me. I enjoy researching on topics I like. I’ll often read articles or watch informative documentaries so I can understand more about the world I live in.”


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