Punjabi singer Simiran Kaur comes out with new track ‘No Bullshit’

 Punjabi singer Simiran Kaur comes out with new track ‘No Bullshit’

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Simiran Kaur Dhadli, the power-packed Punjabi singer is back with another banger, No Bullshit with Koinage Records. The song was released today on Koinage Records’ official youtube channel along with the other music streaming platforms.

Simiran not only sang the song but penned its lyrics and composed it as well. The music is produced by Nixon. A significant part of No Bullshit was shot in Delhi.

“I always try to bring my thoughts into my songs. Whatever I write, compose, or sing, it reflects my personality, who I am as a person. Similarly, when I was creating No Bullshit, the idea was to convey the same that I am not here to take anybody’s bullshit. I am here to live my life on my terms. It’s released now and I am excited to see how people will take it,” says the singer.

“This is our another Punjabi track for the year 2022 after Phone. The whole concept and video were planned in a manner that conveys the entire thoughts behind the song. There were a few difficulties but now when we look at the song, we feel it was worth it. Rest we are looking forward to seeing how the audience reacts to it,” adds Ramit Bhat, Director, Koinage Records.

Simiran’s singing career started with Marjaneya with E Factory. Since then, she has given many hits across different genres, including the popular tracks like Baroord Wargi, Sahiba, Reality Check, 2 Sher to name a few.



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