How this DJ moved from being a ‘bandwalla Sarthak Sardana’ to rockstar Sartek

 How this DJ moved from being a ‘bandwalla Sarthak Sardana’ to rockstar Sartek

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After successfully waving the flag of dance music from India in the global music arena & winning accolades, Sarthak Sardana aka Sartek recently came out with his dreamy new single Ajeeb Khoj. The track showcases Sartek’s versatility and his emotional connect with Indian instruments and features the musician and popular digital content creator Vipasha Malhotra.


The official opening DJ for singers such as Justin Bieber, AP Dhillon, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Axwell and Steve Aoki among others during their India tour, Sartek has released on several international record labels such as Armin Van Buuren’s Armada Music, Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, Sony Music Denmark, Sony Music India, Dharma/Spinnin.
“It all started in 2006-07, when I went to a renowned trans DJ’s event/gig. I had no idea what dance music was about. This show altered my perception of music since I had no idea electronic music could excite me so much… as witnessing cheerful vibes all throughout. In 2009, I enrolled in a dance music institution in Delhi to pursue my passion and love for dance music while continuing my CA lessons,” he says, reminiscing his foray into the world of music. “My family was not very happy with this as they wanted me to get a white collar job. But, I wanted to be in the creative industry. I was first called a band-waala at home and that was changed to Rockstar soon after I was announced as the official opening DJ for Justin Bieber during his Mumbai gig in 2017,” smiles Sartek, the first Indian DJ to feature on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. Excerpts from an interview:

Tell us about the making of Ajeeb Khoj.
For a long time, I’d been making international dance music and wanted to develop something with Hindi vocals and a dance music mood. I first heard the Ajeeb Khoj voice on the internet and immediately fell in love with it. On the same day, I came across a reel by Vipasha Malhotra, whose voice was ideal for the project. I met her on Instagram and she wrote the song’s verse, and so Ajeeb Khoj’ was created.

Your inspiration comes from…
Generally from a space of artistry, where composition and heartfelt words come together. Because I am an extremely emotional person, the majority of my music is inspired by situations or experiences. To put it another way, when I sit down in front of the computer to begin a new project, all of my emotions slip in and are digitally turned into melodies and beats. So, if I’m in a good mood, expect peaceful melodic music, and if I’m in a grumpy mood, expect aggressive rhythms! Sample the lyrics of Ajeeb Khoj, you can sure understand what i am saying

Dhoondha ussko aasmaan mein, Na mila kahin bhi,
Sitaaron ki inn chaadaron mein, Na dikha kahin bhi,

Paani sa hai woh, Behta hi jaaye,
Main rait si, Ruki rahun.

How do you find Delhi for the growth of a DJ Producer?
In this profession, I always believe that one’s hometown or residency has no significance. Because we live in the digital age, when there is connectivity everywhere, one must have the ability and intellect to use digital tools such as social media and online promotional materials to market oneself. You might be surprised to learn that the world’s greatest DJ hails from one of Europe’s smallest towns. What is important is the commitment and will to succeed, regardless of where you were born.

Any plans to move to Mumbai? Normally musicians do that…
Maybe not, since I love everything about Delhi and I always want to be in constant contact with my family, plus my career needs emotional support, which nobody else but your own family can provide.

A music composer you idolise
Indian – AR Rahman
International – Zedd

Which is your favourite music.
I’m now listening to a lot of local folk music as well as chill deep house. I’m trying to open up my creative cells so that I may come up with something even more unique in the future.

Whats coming next from your stable
Oh, there’s a lot. The next song is a soft Hindi love song, followed by an EDM smasher. I’m also working on a remake of a well-known Punjabi folk tune. I have plenty of music planned for 2021 which I can’t wait to share with you!



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