Sanjyt Syngh’s My Thinking Faces

 Sanjyt Syngh’s My Thinking Faces

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Delhi-based interior designer and stylist Sanjyt Syngh has unveiled a series of thought-provoking sculptures titled My Thinking Faces that are unique and timeless. Made in fibre and stainless steel, these striking sculptures are ultramarine blue, pure green and black colours.
My Thinking Faces includes a series of five individual sculptures that are reminiscent of a human being and feature real expressions such as sadness, boredom and playfulness. The sculptures include a gold ball on their heads which are evocative of thought bubbles. This collection of sculptures evokes a range of emotions. Place them strategically in your space and find the conversation picking up around them.



“In this digital day and age there’s an emoji for every expression, but does it feel real? What about your real-life expressions? Your expressions are your visual voice. Your visual voice is the translation of the beautiful sound in your head. This series is an interpretation of my thinking faces, my visual voice during a creative ideation. The voice grows and so do the balls on the head, which represent the thought bubble carving a beautiful sound,” shares Syngh.


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