Selekt by Koinage drops their monsoon track on fairytale romance, Yaarey

 Selekt by Koinage drops their monsoon track on fairytale romance, Yaarey

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Selekt by Koinage have dropped their monsoon special track, Yaarey, a romantic song about two strangers crossing their paths and their brief meeting turning into a beautiful fairytale romance. It is sung, written, and composed by Sushant Ghimire, music is produced by Raman Kakkar and features Sushant Ghimire and Ashim Ranabhat in the lead roles.

Shot by Robin Sharma in Nepal, romantic song Yaarey beautifully captures a fairytale romance between two strangers who happen to be at the right place at the right time. With the perspective of telling a modern-day fairytale love story, Yaarey will take you through all the phases of falling in love, from a random meeting to casual conversation to hanging out with each other, leading to the spark of a new romance.

Excited about Yaarey, Ghimire said, “We all want to experience a fairytale romance and I wrote this song when I was experiencing something similar in my life. Romantic song Yaarey is my first Hindi single. I was nervous and excited at the same time to see the audience’s reaction. I hope people will like it and enjoy it in this beautiful season.”

Ghimire is a fresh face in the industry from Kathmandu, Nepal. A singer/ songwriter/ composer, he released his first single Pari in 2020 with Mantra Guitars as Mantra Artist and has now debuted in the Hindi Indie music industry with romantic song Yaarey.


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