Rohan Solomon’s new song is about love & loss, and yo-yo relationships

 Rohan Solomon’s new song is about love & loss, and yo-yo relationships

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The global chart-topping musician-producer Rohan Solomon has come up with an upbeat autumnal song Set Me Free. The song brings in a beautiful contrast of autumn with the vibe of needed endings and new beginnings on the menu.

The song comes with beautiful harmonies, surrounded by a symphony orchestra with violin, viola, cello, double bass, celeste, harp, timpani, French horn, trombone, tube and more on a bed of organic instruments.

Set Me Free is a story of unrequited love and rollercoaster emotions – it’s a song about love and loss. “The feeling of unrequited love is something that we all can relate to. This song is about the moment in a relationship when you truly realise that it’s not going to work and finally accept that it is pretty much one-sided and will not work out. That moment of clarity can be such a bitter sweet thing because you set yourself free from the burden of that situation,” says Solomon, adding that the story is a first person narration.

Along with the lyrics, the instrumentation too bring forth the feelings of confusion and helplessness. But it was the comeback of Solomon’s favourite vocal harmonies that provided a welcome change for the artist.

“It is definitely a guitar driven song, with an almost percussive guitar riff that sets the mood and tone perfectly. I wanted a very organic singer-songwriter pop/rock vibe with some vocal harmonies in strategic spots in the song. I wanted it to sound hopeful but that hope is coming at a point where the protagonist has suffered long enough. I wanted to experiment with a very percussive guitar riff and use slightly softer textures in my voice,” he adds.

Set Me Free is the second single from Solomon this year. Earlier, in June Solomon had released another single We Demand Change, followed by a self-directed and self-shot iPhone video of the track in July, which made it to the top 5 spot on Euro Indie Music Charts and the top 20 of World Indie Music Charts.



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