Studio album ‘Strung Out To Dry,’ marks Rohan Solomon’s two decades in music

 Studio album ‘Strung Out To Dry,’ marks Rohan Solomon’s two decades in music

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Singer-songwriter, composer and producer Rohan Solomon is ready to take listeners on an unforgettable journey with his studio album, Strung Out To Dry, released early today. This exceptional release is not another regular album; it’s a conceptual and orchestral masterpiece that seamlessly merges the popular format of music with the grandeur of a symphony orchestra.

Renowned as the former frontman of Cyanide and a Grammy-submitted producer, Rohan has made significant strides in global radio charts, including the Euro Indie Music Charts and World Indie Music Charts. In 2023, he reaffirmed his commitment to mental health awareness through his releases Serenity and Happy Place, solidifying his versatility and purpose as an artist.

Strung Out To Dry is a testament to Rohan’s musical evolution. With acoustic intimacy, heartfelt songwriting, and symbolic grandeur, the album weaves a rich tapestry of life’s highs and lows of the protagonist. Rohan, a seasoned performer, has skillfully crafted each track, backed by a band of guitars, bass, piano, and drums, enveloped in the embrace of a full symphony orchestra. The result is an immersive experience that invites listeners to embark on a personal journey.

“This album is special because it marks my 20th anniversary as a professional musician. It’s a blend of orchestral and conceptual elements, where each song tells a unique story. Yet, I want listeners to create their own narrative as they listen. Music is so subjective, and I want people to relate to this album in their own way,” explains Rohan Solomon, the multi-talented artist.

Strung Out To Dry effortlessly combines cinematic grandeur with contemporary sensibilities, creating a sound that is both timeless and modern. ‘Strung Out To Dry’ is more than an album; it’s an invitation to step into a world crafted by Rohan Solomon’s creativity and passion. Prepare to be transported on a captivating musical voyage unlike any other.


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