Rohan Solomon release music video of ‘It’s Christmas’

 Rohan Solomon release music video of ‘It’s Christmas’

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New Delhi-based singer-songwriter and producer Rohan Solomon has come out with a full -length album and a celebratory new music video for his earlier single, It’s Christmas.

The new video is an intimate, heart-warming experience, capturing the essence of the festive season. A visual celebration of togetherness, it features scenes of holiday lights, crackling bonfires, and the familiar warmth of friends and family gatherings. Add to that Solomon’s rich, velvety voice and piano artistry, a handsome guitar solo and you get the perfect song to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

Originally released in 2021, It’s Christmas swiftly climbed the charts, debuting at no. 27 on the Global Radio Charts and securing a coveted spot in the ‘Top 5.’ International media showered praises on Solomon’s artistry, commending his prowess as an artist, producer, and vocalist. The success of the track demonstrated his talent for venturing into Christmas music, which is considered uncharted territory for an artist from India.

It’s Christmas is a joyous blend of festive music and heartfelt lyrics to spread holiday cheer. The accompanying music video is a delight, featuring sparkly decorations, delicious cakes, and a festive atmosphere that evokes warm nostalgia. With its enchanting notes, this single is a reminder that the festive magic is alive and well, beckoning you to spread the spirit of Christmas with your loved ones.
Says Solomon, “The video was a very organic process. This such a holly jolly song and just flows with a happy Christmas vibe that it just deserved a video. I also made friends with the awesome cast and crew. It was a very memorable process.”


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