Rizwan Sikander makes his musical debut with Sufi song ‘Shukrana- Dil Se Dil Tak’

 Rizwan Sikander makes his musical debut with Sufi song ‘Shukrana- Dil Se Dil Tak’

Actor Rizwan Sikander who has been a part of the shows such as Kasam Se, Kayamat, Fear Factor, Roadies among others is making his musical debut with the song Shukrana – Dil Se Dil Tak.

A Sufi number, shot in Mumbai, the song has been sung by Yasoob Ali. Rizwan is seen dawning a Sufiyan style attire and look in the song is completed with an antique building.

Talking about the song he says, “During the times of the pandemic we were lost and faced a lot of difficulty. Many people lost their loved ones. Seeing all that around I was upset and disappointed with myself and for the people who were helpless. Everyone stood together in the difficult times and that’s when I was told by a friend that the universe has chosen you and this song came to me as a blessing. By the end of the shoot people stood and clapped which in itself was a reaction that motivated my soul”.

Rizwan Sikander

Rizwan rehearsed and learnt the Qawwali style dance which is a Sufi form of devotional singing and dancing. He says, “Learning the dance form was an experience in itself, we actors while working in TV don’t get to learn any creative and expressive form of arts, hence spending time in learning and then performing for the song was a very enriching and soulful experience.”

Says the singer Yasoob: “We made this song with the intention of releasing post Eid and spreading love and joy through music, this is sure to melt your heart and mesmerize you with the lyrics.”


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