To keep the rhythm alive

 To keep the rhythm alive

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Mumbai-based fast growing road tripping community for enthusiasts, beginners and those who love hitting the roads, Roadtrippers Club, organised a road trip from Mumbai to Nashik where they launched their anthem, Keep the rhythm alive, and shot a video for the same. This is part of their long-term initiative of preserving music in the community through associations with music organisations. On this road trip, they helped in raising awareness and crowd source funds for Mehli Mehta Music Foundation (MMMF) spearheaded by world-renowned music conductor and director Zubin Mehta.

As a part of this trip, musician Prathamesh Tambe and team who composed the single presented the same to the community. This was combined with a workshop on light painting, visits to an organic farm and a vineyard. The members of the Roadtrippers Club echoed the belief that music is an integral part of a vibrant culture and society. They felt there was a need to do something from one community for another community and showcase how music and road trips go hand in hand. So, as a road tripping community, they not only created a musical single on keeping the rhythm alive but partnered with a not-for-profit organisation like MMMF.

Connecting on this association, Mehroo Jeejebhoy, founder trustee, MMMF said, “Keeping the rhythm alive across all strata of society has been an endeavour of the Foundation. We are happy in associating ourselves with the Roadtrippers Club which is equally passionate and concurs with us on the importance of music, especially in the lives of children. We bring music to children in municipal schools through the NGO Aseema and hope for the community support in making an impact through music. We look forward to present the best of performing artists and promote music education to children from all strata of society. Together we can enhance the cultural landscape of our country.”


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