Rang Bhangima by Nawal Kishore is all about human emotions of compassion & empathy

 Rang Bhangima by Nawal Kishore is all about human emotions of compassion & empathy

Artist Nawal KIshore and his creations

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

Loved ones finding solace and comfort in each other’s arms, their faces shining with a surreal glow, slender inter-twined fingers, and a body language that brings to fore compassion and empathy for each other… this is what Rang Bhangima is all about.

The show, a solo art exhibition by Delhi artist Nawal Kishore, currently on at Saraca Art Gallery, Hotel Lebua in Lucknow, is evincing huge interests in the city art circles. More so, as the artist did his BFA and MFA from College of Art, Lucknow. The month-long show inaugurated by Kathak dancer Kumkum Dhar opened on April 17.

“These works are all about showing various emotions that we experience through the medium of colours and postures.” says Kishore, adding that it has 16 paintings and three drawings – all made during the period of last two years of pandemic.

Having the first physical show after a gap of two years is like getting the life back as also rejuvenating it, he says for “till the time you meet people and see their reactions to your works face-to-face, there is no satisfaction”.

“I have tried to depict the chemistry between a man and a woman, which is that of a soul’s yearning for its creator with uninhibited flair. Through these works, I am also inviting the viewers to participate in the experience,” he says, adding that the women protagonists in each of his works is a culmination of all the qualities of rasas and mudras gleaned from Indian Classical art forms.

But, as you go a little deep into these art works you can see that the male and female faces show a profound sensitivity towards one another, which speaks volumes about Kishore’s expertise with colours and forms. Words are certainly not enough to explain the intricacies of his skill.

And as always, deep reds and rich blues are the colours manifested in most of his works this time too. Love, harmony and peace are the top three emotions that his enigmatic human figures with stylized angular faces evoke.

“But, my next series will be in black and white, I am presently experimenting on how to bring out the depths in the texture using just black and white,” says Kishore, happy to be holding a show in the city that gave wings to his art. “Lucknow is not just the state capital, it is also a cultural centre, which energises me a lot,” he signs off.


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