Parinda, a song that talks about having loved & lost and living with the loss

 Parinda, a song that talks about having loved & lost and living with the loss

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Selekt by Koinage has come up with their second music video album titled Parinda.  The heart-touching song has been released on youtube and other music streaming platforms. The song is sung by Rohit Nigam, who has also written the lyrics and composed the song. The music is given by Tenzing Lama (Sumit Lama).

Parinda is a song about feeling lost and empty without someone who completes you. Parinda serves as a metaphor, a bird who cannot fly because its wings seem stuck in time. The pain and the wish to stay with the person you used to be together with is highlighted in the song. Then finally overcoming the trauma and moving on as life goes on is the message of the song. The soothing voice of Rohit Nigam and the stirring lyrics just pave their way into your heart.

“Parinda is very close to my heart. I wrote it while I was going through a breakup myself and the lyrics resonate with what I was feeling at that time. That feeling of being alone all the time and still wanting to escape the emptiness, but also not wanting to let go. All that matters to you is a chance to be with that person again. Then how you forgive and try to forget as time never stops for anyone. I feel that anyone who ever had their heart broken would be able to relate with the lyrics,” says Nigam, who is also a songwriter and performer.


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