Nine, book-cum-music album, is set for a global release on March 25

 Nine, book-cum-music album, is set for a global release on March 25

Vineet Singh Hukumani is all set to release Nine on March 25

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Vineet Singh Hukumani, the First Artist in the World to have 9 No.1’s on top global radio charts in 2021, is all set to release Nine, a book-cum-music album that consists of nine thrilling stories combined with an album of nine optimistic tracks on March 25. Besides topping the global radio charts, the genre-agnostic artist has also proven his mettle by securing top slots across different regions and genre charts — from pop and indie, to rock, funk & hip-hop. An electronics engineer by education, Hukumani is the former MD and founder of radio station – Radio One.

Nine is a one-of-a-kind album that features a buoyant new self-titled single along with eight of the artist’s chart-topping number 1 tracks. The QR codes are embedded with each of the stories which have titles inspired by the track names, namely: Nine, Dreaming Out Loud, Turning Back Time, Hurry, So New, I Pray, Where’s The Fun and Jab The World.

The lead single of the album is Nine, which is an upbeat song about being there for someone, when they need you. “I was conditioned since childhood to be a ‘provider’ for my family and for me that is my purpose. As the lyrics in the song express ‘Nine times out of then, I’ll be there for you, the only other time I’ll be thinking of you’… is the core of my life’s purpose,” says Hukumani, adding that Nine: 9 thrilling stories. 9 Optimistic songs is my attempt to make my music more immersive and memorable for my audience.

Adding further he says, “I am a musician at heart but I discovered that there are stories embedded in my music that need to be told. Hence, I combined two of my passions, music and movies. I really hope readers and music lovers like what I have produced.”



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