New art studio & gallery at CR Park

 New art studio & gallery at CR Park

Delhi has got another art gallery. Located at A 52 CR Park, this gallery will also function as an art studio, though exclusively for the celebrated artist Mrinmoy Barua.  Interestingly, this gallery is the result of a collaboration between and art dealer Siddarth Berry and artist Mrinmoy Barua. So to begin with the gallery will be promoting just the works of Barua, for whom this will also function as a studio.

Berry got interested in art seeing the paintings at his own house. “My parents are great art lovers. And we have a huge collections of paintings, including those of many celebrated ones like Jatin Das and Nand Lal Bose,” he says. “But I never understood the value of art till two years back,” he says. Yes, two years was when Berry got hooked on to art.

He started visiting art galleries to understand and learn art, and soon turned into an art dealer and promoter, opened an online art gallery and started selling art works through the social networking sites. Till date he has sold over 200 works, no mean number by any account.

It’s intriguing that he has decided to showcase only the works of Mrinmoy Barua at the newly-opened gallery, but he has an explanation for that. “I really love the work of Barua and it’s my wish to take him to the international level. He is that powerful an artist. The figurative abstract work he does, only a few can boast of,” he says.

“But then, I am not saying no to anything. May be, in future, once Barua has reached the level I want see him at, I shall pick up another artist,” he smiles.




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