Music maestros create magic of hope to fight Covid-19

 Music maestros create magic of hope to fight Covid-19

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Bringing together modern-day greats of Indian music – santoor maestro Tarun Bhattacharya, flautist virtuoso Ronu Majumdar and percussion guru Bickram Ghosh, the Rotary Club of Calcutta Metro City recently launched a short inspirational music video, We Shall Overcome.

While Majumdar’s flute evokes the feeling of love for humanity from a piece played by him in late composer RD Burman’s last film, 1942 – A Love Story; Ghosh is his usual self, creating magic of hope through his percussion with his a composition based on his 50 matra taal and Bhattacharya plays the inspirational theme, We Shall Overcome which in his words, “signifies the resolve of humanity to overcome the serious challenge to mankind in form of Covid-19.”



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