Music can’t be boxed in categories, says newbie singer Rishaad

 Music can’t be boxed in categories, says newbie singer Rishaad

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Teen singer-songwriter & rapper Rishaad is all set to make a formal debut with his latest ‘club style’ melodic rap track For You.

For You is a song about giving in a relationship, to someone you love and adore. It is a song for people to take the first step and make the effort to do something special. It is encapsulated largely by the unmistakable Hip-Hop style, club sounds and entails melodic rap.

Pandemic induced experiences of separation, agony, fear, helplessness and amidst it human kindness, love and hope which was on display in all their shades, inspired Rishaad to write. The thoughts that traversed from highs to lows, haplessness to happiness found their echo in his lyrics, which eventually came together in the form of songs. This is when he knew that music is his true passion and he should pursue it as a career.

For You, is his fourth song, the other three singles being Give You All (December 2020), Not Alright (February 2021) & I’m Sorry (March 2021). While all of Rishaad’s releases are in the space of Hip-Hop/Pop-Rap genre, the talented singer detests clubbing music in tight boundaries. “For me, music exists in the experiential, exploratory realm. It should be viewed without the glasses of genre-based descriptions,” he says.


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