‘Molecules’ explores the inter-connectedness of micro and macrocosm

 ‘Molecules’ explores the inter-connectedness of micro and macrocosm

Artworks by Amit Kumar Das and Simran Lamba

Upasana Kaura

Exploring the ancient Sanskrit verse yat pinde tat brahmande (as above so below) from the Puranas, the ancient philosophical and yogic texts, is the ongoing exhibition, Molecules, at Gallery 1000A in Lado Sarai, New Delhi.

The show features artworks by five artists viz Amit Kr Das, Sanjay Sawant, Simran Lamba, Sanjay Sharma, and Sweety Joshi.

All the works have arisen out of the artists’ experiences, and each one is a vibrant reflection of his/ her surroundings, capturing the incomprehensible nature of human mind creating echoes just like the sound waves do in physicality, expanding the consciousness into Parbrahm.

Delhi based artist and fashion designer Amit Kumar Das uses a needle to engrave the art work on paper, which when exposed to light gives it a three-dimensional effect. Das’ work amazes us with nature’s power and mysteries – the tree is a reflection of the artist in him. He has beautifully portrayed impressions of the seen and the unseen cosmos, that which is rooted in him.

An MFA from the College of Art, New Delhi, Sanjay Sharma has used newspaper to make visual statements on political and social issues in a microscopic manner.

Molecules art exhibition Molecules art exhibition
Art works by Sanjay Sharma

Simran Lamba’s paintings absorb the world around her. The artist believes that a painting has intense symbolic relationship with the texture and materiality of different contrasts. “My paintings absorb the world around me. Canvas has a vital role in the whole creative process along with coal tar, wire, crayons and different other materials,” says Lamba, who is also a sculptor.

Sanjay Sawant feels that his existence in this world is as simple and elemental as the very micro size Jiva. His works are a combination of different experiences that he gains in his daily life. “Life and Art cannot be separated from each other. I believe creativity happens in Zero time. This time space can be a micro second or a prolonged time horizon without any past and future,” says Sawant, an alumni of Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai.

Molecules art exhibition Molecules art exhibition
Art works by Sanjay Sawant 

“The exhibition explores the Indian philosophy which signifies All that is outside of you, is within you or Your body is a miniature universe. Pinda means microcosm and Brahmanda means macrocosm. All the artists have depicted contemplative scenes based on the principle that Nature is all-pervading energy and from molecule to cosmos,” says show curator Sweety Joshi, a Mumbai-based artist whose unique art works with needle and thread showing the ‘fire’ element, are also on display.

Molecules art exhibition
Art works by Sweety Joshi

“I have attempted to translate the core of creative process with the use of actual shell. I have fused Fire, Water and other elements in a rhythmical way with a bold approach, detailing it by associating the act of burning to a transformative, progressive and positivist act,” she says adding that she has used burnt dots on paper to imply the different aspects of her personal travails.


On view till July 23, 11am to 7pm


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