‘Mithila Ramayan’ exhibition showcases 100 artworks by acclaimed women painters

 ‘Mithila Ramayan’ exhibition showcases 100 artworks by acclaimed women painters

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Lalit Kala Academi in association with Madhubani Art Centre is holding the Mithila Ramayan Painting Exhibition, featuring a collection of 100 rare paintings on the Ramayana.

National-award-winning artist Manisha Jha, founder of Madhubani Art Centre, has curated the show, the art works having been made over a period of two decades by 37 women artists, including Padmashree Jagdumba Devi, Padmashree Sita Devi, Padmashree Godavari Dutta, Padmashree Dulari Devi, Padmashree Baua Devi, Bimala Dutta, Shashikala Devi, Urmila Devi Paswan, Chandrakala Devi among others.

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“These paintings depict the expressions of our day-to-day life and that’s the beauty of Mithila art,” says Lily Pandeya, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Culture, stating that everyone must visit the gallery to have a look at the brilliant art works on display.

The show has been organised to keep alive the rich folk-art traditions of Mithila (presently in Nepal) as also create awareness about this art form.The mythical origin of Mithila painting can be found in the Bal kanda of the epic Ramayana, where the King Janak had ordered his citizens to decorate all walls with paintings during the wedding of Princess Sita.

“We are honored to present this exceptional collection of Mithila Ramayan paintings, celebrating the artistic legacy of our talented women artists. Here we have presented the artwork of our first Mithila painter Jagdumba Devi to the student painters of Mithila tradition. These paintings are journey of women, preserved by women and practised by women. It highlights the important role of women artists in preserving and promoting traditional art forms, while also pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation,” says Manisha Jha. Listen to what she has to say about Mithila art and the exhibition.

The 100 artworks are in-depth documentation of the culture of Mithila, which is also known as the birthplace of Goddess Sita and how Ramayan is imbibed in this culture. Visitors to the exhibition can have the opportunity to engage with the artists, gain insights into their creative process, and appreciate the skill and dedication that goes into each painting.

On till April 12, at Lalit Kala Academy,
Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi 


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