Lost Stories launches new EP ‘Marigold Soundsystem’

 Lost Stories launches new EP ‘Marigold Soundsystem’

Prayag Mehta and Rishab Joshi

Team L&M

After hits like Mai Ni Meriye, Vaseegara (Edit), Bombay Dreams with KSHMR, their remix of Alan Walker’s Faded, and Mirza, Mumbai’s electronic music duo, Lost Stories – run by music composers-cum-performers Prayag Mehta and Rishab Joshi – have launched an extended EP, titled, Marigold Soundsystem. Touted to be the next blockbuster, this EP impeccably fits in the Indian wedding celebrations through its folk instrumentation, melodic flute emphasis and its Punjabi roots, which makes it a perfect presentation of the best of both worlds.

Blending India’s tradition with contemporary elements, the diligently crafted folk-influenced electro-pop tracks pairs Lost Stories’ earthy sound and new-age beats with a soothing rhythm created by Indian classical instruments. This provides the perfect backdrop to the radiant vocals from singer/songwriter Jai Dhir, striking balance with tacks Leja, Dori and Taaj from Marigold Soundsystem.

Inspired by the vintage Mira Nair aesthetic, Marigold Soundsystem resonates a typical Punjabi wedding, at which mainstream sound system vendors are present at the occasion with their local setups. The result not only hooks up a listener but also present India’s heritage and culture through the lens of how music has transformed over the years. With catchy tunes wrapped in electro-pop-influenced beats, these songs have a groovy vibe to them, making them ideal wedding songs.

“This is a truly special EP for us as it is with one of our favorite vocalists, Jai Dhir. The tracks Leja, Dori and Taaj have a robust Indian feel to them. Currently, our goal is to release as much new music as possible and we would love to use our signature ethnic Indian sound and ensure that it reaches listeners in every part of the world,” says Mehta.

Adds Joshi: “We meticulously curate our sounds and visuals to tell a story. Each song of the EP will pay homage to our innate sounds that the Lost Stories duo has grown up to. We are combining our folk roots with modern-day electronica, cinematic interludes and the forgotten simplicity of nostalgia that we’re known to bring into our music and deliver an experience that takes the audience back in time, whenever they listen to it. We hope to create a mood for our content and the complementing lyric videos encapsulate the essence of the project in the most accurate way.”

Talking about this collaboration, Dhir says, “This EP is totally different from what I have done so far. The entire concept being inspired by the nostalgic wedding feeling was something I personally attempted to write for the first time.”


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