Immersive arts and cultural festival KULA is back with its second edition

 Immersive arts and cultural festival KULA is back with its second edition

A snapshot from the KULA Festival 2023

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Come January 19, and the highly anticipated second edition of the distinctive art and cultural festival KULA will once again enthrall the Mumbaikars. The six-day festival will be held at the NESCO Center and provide a platform for artists to transition from the streets to the stage, allowing them to showcase their extraordinary talents.

This time the festival will feature over 300 global artists – from tattooing and graffiti to piercing, dance, and music. There will be a dynamic fusion of global artistic expressions, uniting indigenous, contemporary, and modern talents from countries like Malaysia, Kashmir, Singapore, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia. Beyond being a cultural meetup, a number of master classes will be held during the festival, facilitating vital knowledge-sharing sessions for emerging artists. These sessions aim to foster collaboration and skill development, contributing to the growth of a vibrant artistic community.

Says Kumar Razdan, VP, Nesco Events, “Excitement abounds as we prepare for KULA’s second edition at Nesco, following the success of last year’s event. This time, we are expanding the experience by welcoming a diverse group of global artists. We believe Nesco acts as a vital link to connect with artists worldwide and serves as a cultural platform for emerging talents. We are delighted to collaborate with Kula and are committed to bringing their inspiring vision to life and supporting the preservation of fading root cultures. Nestled within the vibrant atmosphere of Nesco, we aim to provide an extraordinary experience for adventurous audiences while contributing to the global artistic unity and cultural preservation.”

This year’s spotlight features renowned tattoo artists like Mangala Bai from Madhya Pradesh, Sunny Bhanushali of Aliens Tattoo, and Nikita Vaidya, India’s leading female traditional tattoo artist. Also, there will be live performances by Queen Omega, a reggae singer born in Trinidad, accompanied by the distinctive sounds of homemade speakers.

Andre Tully, The Bus Driver, KULA Worldwide, “As the core member of KULA, my vision is to create a global rendezvous where artists from diverse corners of the world converge, sharing not only their artistic talents but also the vibrant stories of their cultures. In the second edition of KULA, we aim to go beyond geographical borders, fostering an environment where cultural exchange is celebrated. This event is more than just a festival; it’s a journey of discovery, an opportunity for artists and audiences alike to immerse themselves in the richness of different backgrounds. Together, let’s celebrate the universal language of art and create lasting connections that transcend borders and enrich our collective understanding of creativity.”


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