Korean Cultural Centre India holds a joint exhibition of Korean & Indian artists

 Korean Cultural Centre India holds a joint exhibition of Korean & Indian artists

Iceland, by South Korean artist Lee Jeong Lok

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Korean Cultural Centre India is holding an art exhibition titled Synthesis of Difference, which portrays an amalgamation of classic and modern, analogue and digital, static and kinetic through new media art, paintings, animation, video art, installations, and performances. The participants include four South Korean and six Indian artists.

Korean Cultural Centre India
An art work by South Korean artist Lee Lee Nam

Speaking at the launch function, Chang Jae Bok, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to India, said, “Through this exhibition, you will have a unique opportunity to appreciate rich artistic traditions of Korea and India, realise the subtle similarities and differences in out two countries’ artistic creations and develop mutual understanding.”

Korean Cultural Centre India
Two works by Indian artist Ajay Sharma: Body – Past Present Future (left) and Motherland (right) 

“The artwork is like meditation, a synthesis of time and space that has been done in layers, and once you start peeling this layer you discover the hard work everyone has put in,” said Adwaita Gadanayak, the Director General of National Gallery of Modern Art.

The show has been curated by Jeong Heon Ki. “Koreans have India on their bucket lists. Through this exhibition, I hope their will be more art exchange between Korea and India in the future as well”

The exhibition will remain open at Nam June Park Hall, Korean Cultural Centre India, till September 30.



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