Kala Bandhan on at Paridhi Art Gallery

 Kala Bandhan on at Paridhi Art Gallery

Kala Bandhan, a painting show by husband-wife duo Shreekant Dubey and Vandana Dubey at Paridhi Art Gallery, Saraswati Marg, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, is sure to leave you spell bound. The show that began on April 11 and ends on April 23, showcases the couple’s journey through their artistic footprints on t
he canvas.

Sreekant who holds a Masters degree in Fine Arts, is a differently-abled artist. He paints with his left hand, and is quite adept at it. He lost his right arm at the age of 14 as an electric pole fell on him but the gutsy boy didn’t let it dampen his spirits. He trained his left hand to do everything that a right hand can do, and over the years has become an excellent artist. His works, portraying the essence of mysticism interwoven in the traditional fabric of India, appeal more to the soul than to the mind.

Vandana, on the other hand is a self-taught artist. A post graduate in Sociology, she started painting only after her marriage to Sreekant. “Whenever she got time, she would pick up her husband’s brush and easel and paint something. He perhaps saw the potential in me and decided to guide me. And thus started my foray into the world of art,” she says.

Though Vandana learnt from her husband and also shares the studio with him, her work is remarkably different from that of her husband.

Vandana does only figurative and specializes in village life, folk lore and various religious festivals, while Sreekant’s subjects are as varied as religion, nature, navras, nav griha, dance, Lord Krishna etc.
Visit the gallery and you sure won’t be disappointed.


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