Singer Juggy D & Rapper Sting-A-Man come out with a new Punjabi song

 Singer Juggy D & Rapper Sting-A-Man come out with a new Punjabi song

Singer Juggy D and Rapper Sting-A-Man

Team L&M

Alongside a reggae/dub style intro and an old-skool Bhangra beat influenced melody, vocalist Juggy D, music producer Amit Rai and MC and Rapper Sting-A-Man pay tribute to the 90s critically acclaimed Southall sound that is sometimes forgotten, but always remembered in high esteem by Bhangra fans worldwide.

The accompanying video finds the trio cruising through the streets of UB1, their hometown, putting the iconic Southall Broadway back on the map in a fast-paced, retro-styled film directed by Whiz, mirroring the mood of the song, and escaping back to a nostalgic era in West London’s music history.

The boys have been in the music industry for over 20 years each and have all earned their own individual statues as bona fide West London music trailblazers. Vocalist Juggy D has taken his modern Bhangra style and dance globally with anthems like Nahin Jeena (2002), Dance with You (Nachna Tere Naal) (2003) and Sohniye (2004) still very much part of any celebration. He is one of the first Southall-born Punjabi’s to have taken his sound mainstream with ground-breaking collaborations and consistently tours the world championing his self-made stage show. Amit Rai, who lived just off Southall Broadway during his formative years, has used the wealth of local sounds and influences to deliver iconic songs such as Bagga Bagga and England which remain evergreen classics. Sting-A-Man, the founder of the Sting Roadshow company, remains a legendary DJ name and a leading name of the 80s and 90s music scene.

There’s Juggy pulling off his signature smooth dance moves, Amit wheeling and dealing on his Nokia Cityman brick mobile, and Sting-A-Man just taking in all of the positive vibes, laid back as usual! Welcome to the tribute to the throwback vibes and influences Southall has given to a generation of Asians in all walks of life and a nostalgic flashback to a movement that still has a very valid imprint on the sound of UK Bhangra music.


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