Jashan Bhumakar – A trained chemical engineer and a passionate singer

 Jashan Bhumakar – A trained chemical engineer and a passionate singer

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

Singer Jashan Bhumkar’s new song Do Pal crossed more than two lakh views in just 12 hours. The new sad-romantic track written and composed by Music Director Vatsal Chevli. Shot in Dubai, the song has been drawing much appreciation and love from music lovers across ages. So much so that he has already begun working on the sequel of this song.
Born and brought up in Mumbai, he did his Bachelors in Chemical Engineering at University of California, Berkeley, USA and Masters in the same field from Cambridge University UK. But parallel, he was also learning music.  “I have been learning the Hindustani Classical Music in the traditional Guru Shishya Parampara since last 25 years,” he says, adding that making soul-stirring music across different genres and languages, that brings people peace and joy is what he endeavours to do whole his life. Music is his first love, fitness the second. Excerpts:

What prompted you to write this sad, love song?
The emotion of loss is universal, and we have all felt it in some way or at some point in life. During the Covid19 pandemic, especially in the second wave we faced last year, nearly everyone lost somebody near and dear to them, which gave a deep feeling of helplessness. I was extremely sad to see everything that was happening around, and thats how Do Pal came about

In this era of high beat music and rap, do you think soft romantic songs sell?
Humans are social animals and it’s always great to bond over music while hanging out together in groups of families and friends. Most of my music – in particular a soft soulful song like Do Pal – is not for that. It is for people to cherish in their alone, silent moments. It is the song one listens to while driving home alone after a chaotic evening spent in a crowded setting. I want to do my part to bring peace to people, and help keep them in touch with their deepest emotions. I don’t know about a certain type of songs selling, but I will say that I am truly grateful and thankful for all the love I have been getting after Do Pal.

A chemical engineer, how did you enter the world of music – who inspired you.
It would not be wrong to say that I was born to sing. For as long as I can remember, music has been part of my life. The turning point when I decided to go all in and give music my all was in my teenage years when I watched Gaansaraswati Kishori Amonkar live for the first time. Even today I get goose bumps when I shut my eyes and think of that concert which is so deeply etched in my memory. Of course, later on, I had the fortune to train under her. She continues to be my inspiration and guiding light even today, when she has already left her physical form.

How has been the journey so far?
Not easy but a wonderful process. I started rigorous pursuit of Hindustani classical music at the age of five. The journey in music is endless, and lifelong! For example, each time even now when I sing a raga that I learnt years ago, I discover a completely new shade or dimension to it that I was unaware of all this while! Along the way I also got exposed to various other forms of music, including ghazal, devotional, semi-classical and in recent times, even pop.
I’m grateful to God and my Gurus that today I’m equally known for these genres as I am for my classical renditions. All in all, it has been a journey filled with learning, discovery, growth and unmatched joy, and I look forward to what’s there to come next!

Who is your favourite singer and musician, and why?
Hands down my Guru Padmavibhushan Gaansaraswati Kishori Amonkar. I fall short of words to to describe what I love about her music, but If I have to put it in the shortest possible way: she was beautiful and bold in the pure, unadulterated expression of emotion through the language of musical notes.
In the film and light music space, my inspiration is Asha Bhosale ji. Is there anything that she cannot sing, and that too in the most excellent way? Ashaji can sing every genre with such finesse. The most incredible thing is how perfectly she sings live… most of us today would struggle to reach that perfection even in the studio which now gives many opportunities for takes and retakes.

Any plans to enter film world?
While I’m extremely happy in the Indie Space, I never say no to the opportunity to sing a good song be it any genre including film.



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