On International Dog Day today, Goldie Sohel releases an ode to pet dogs

 On International Dog Day today, Goldie Sohel releases an ode to pet dogs

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If you have a dog, you’ve got a travel buddy for life!

Spreading love and light wherever they go, dogs are truly angels without wings. On the occasion of International Dog Day today (August 26), TM Music released a heartwarming song celebrating the travel/wanderer spirit , innocence and positivity of dogs.

Ghumakkad, the new single by Goldie Sohel, captures a dog’s adorable desire to roam the whole world with its human. Sung, penned and composed by Goldie, this track makes for the perfect companion for when your dog just wants to be a “Ghumakkad”. With relatable lyrics and endearing music, Ghumakkad will strike a chord with every dog parent.

Derived from the Hindi word meaning wanderer, Ghumakkad is a lively and infectious song that captures the essence of adventure, travel, and the joy of exploration, all inspired by the carefree and spirited nature of our four-legged friends.

Ghumakkad’s music video is a charming reflection of the song. It beautifully portrays the joy of dogs when they hop into a car with their parents. Starring the cool and cuddly Golden Retriever Messi, alongside actress Shruti Bakshi, the video showcases breathtaking views of Alleppey in Kerala. The story follows Shruti, a young pet parent who is balancing her love for adventure with her mundane daily tasks. The Ghumakkad theme of the song unfolds over a Friday night Zoom call that inspires Shruti to set on a weekend escape with Messi by her side. Driven by Messi’s bright energy, the song encourages us to embrace the vacation spirit with scenic drives, lively music, fun games, and relaxing poolside moments. The Deepak Rawat directorial also features a surprise appearance by Goldie Sohel.

Talking about it, Goldie Sohel said, “Ghumakkad is a happy melody with a big heart. I’ve always been a passionate animal lover and had six dogs at my Guhawati home, and this song is dedicated to the travel sized friends we call dogs. It was quite a joyful experience composing and singing this single, and I am looking forward to fans loving this melody as much as we did.”

Sharing his thoughts on the track, Rohit Sobti, Founder, TM Music said, “Ghumakkad is the voice/expression of our pets who want to wander with their pet parents. With it, Goldie & Deepak get to tap into the animal loving aspect of their personality, one that fans may have seldom seen. This tune will be cherished by every pet parent out there.”


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