Husnain Soomar’s photographs show spirituality, hope, humanity and joy

 Husnain Soomar’s photographs show spirituality, hope, humanity and joy

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The Meeting Point, the ongoing exhibition of photographs by Hasnain Soomar at  Delhi’s Dhoomimal Art Gallery is a multi-dimensional convergence of memories, duality, reality, and moments of simple pleasures of life. Displayed in the show are 17 photographs that the artist clicked during the pre-pandemic and pandemic period, which take the viewer to a time when people mull over the importance of personal spaces and solitude, diving deep inside and understand that life is much more than the physical existence.


Each of the images shows, in varying degrees, solace, optimism, spirituality, hope, humanity, inner peace and joy and wellness. Perhaps, Soomar is exhibiting his deep-rooted philosophical insights through these photographs, which are a result of his visits to ashrams, ghats, mosques, and old Mughal monuments, at each of which places he looks for an opportunity to click. He agrees: “These works expresses my spiritual explorations and learnings over the years, he says. “It is a delineation of the world around and within us. The photographs take you back to the origin of the journey, urge you to pray, laugh and to find salvation and samadhi in everyday life.”

Photographer Husnain Soomar

Through his photographs of scripted walls, Hindu and Islamic architecture, many facets and patterns of light, Soomar gazes into the world of symbolism but as a silent observer. Many of his photographs have a human figure in action with the backdrop of sky or birds.

While he has not given a title to any of his photographs, he can easily tell the story behind each and his own interpretation of it. For the pic of a jaali, he says, “The rays of light filtering through the holes point to the spiritual illumination that comes to us when we turn inwards during mediation.”

The works of noted photographers Raghu Rai and Steve McCurry inspire him, no doubt, but as he says, he has a typical style of his own – a style that envisions the mystical beauty and brings us evocative images that resonate with the true essence of our diverse beliefs along with the human coexistence of love and compassion.

The show is on till February 10, 2022 11am to 7pm at
Dhoomimal Gallery Connaught Place, New Delhi


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