AstaGuru’s ‘Heirloom Treasures’ Embracing 19th and 20th Century Craftsmanship”

 AstaGuru’s ‘Heirloom Treasures’ Embracing 19th and 20th Century Craftsmanship”

A Pair of Japanese Porcelain Imari Vases, an Eight-Light Tent & Waterfall Victorian Chandelier and a Lifesize Marble Sculpture_

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AstaGuru is set to honor a fusion of global craftsmanship through its ‘Heirloom Treasures’ auction, spotlighting rare antiques and artifacts destined to enhance any space with their enduring elegance.

Boasting over 200 lots, the March 27-28 auction’s catalogue has been meticulously curated to assemble a splendid array of decorative collectibles, predominantly sourced from 19th and 20th century Asia and Europe. Serving as a tribute to the opulent design aesthetics and cultural traditions of these regions, the auction features ceramics, furniture, crystal chandeliers, silverware, Persian carpets, sculptures, vintage clocks, and various other coveted collectibles.

Commenting on the auction Rushaad Dastur, Auction Specialist, AstaGuru Auction House said, “With this auction, we aim to showcase the pinnacle of craftsmanship and artistry from around the globe. Our clients have displayed a keen interest in the antique sector, and despite the challenges of curation, we are dedicated and excited to present rare and highly sought-after collectibles with significant vintage appeal. Our goal is to cater to their diverse preferences by offering the finest examples of 19th and 20th-century design aesthetics.”

Highlighting the auction is Lot no. 202, a Beautiful Nain Wool Carpet estimated at INR 81,00,000 – 90,00,000. This stunning medallion carpet, circa the late 20th century, is woven in a captivating ink blue and cinnabar colour palette, creating an impressive contrast. Nain carpets are highly sought after for their finesse in artistry and exceptional quality.

Heirloom Treasurers
A beautiful Nain Wool Carpet

Leading the diverse furniture pieces showcasing Asian and European artistry is lot no. 210, A Chinese Hardwood Bed, circa the mid 20th century. The fine bed features six posters executed in the column style. The body of the bed is decorated with fine carving throughout and rests on four arched feet. The lot will be offered at an estimate of INR 14,00,000 – 18,00,000.

The Chinese Heirloom Bed


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