‘Hazy Days’ recounts the journey from a quaint village to metro city

 ‘Hazy Days’ recounts the journey from a quaint village to metro city

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Mumbai-based music composer Ambar Das joined hands with Delhi-based author Pritisha Borthakur to craft a mesmerizing English country rock number titled Hazy Days. Released late last week, the song has already captivated audiences with its infectious melodies and poignant lyrics. The song marks Borthakur’s debut as a lyricist, showcasing her depth of emotion and storytelling prowess.

Hazy Days narrates the tale of an individual who embarks on a journey from a quaint village to pursue metropolitan aspirations. Despite achieving professional success, he finds himself yearning for the simplicity of his hometown, the warmth of friends and family, and the carefree moments he left behind.

Talking about Hazy Days, Das says, “This song came to life because of Pritisha, who, despite her initial apprehension, sent me a draft of her song that required minimal adjustments. The lyrics resonated deeply with me, evoking memories from a past I had nearly forgotten. This song embodies a part of me and anyone else who has achieved their goals but questions the true significance in the grand scheme of things. In an era of artificiality and denial, it speaks the unvarnished truth.”

Adds Borthakur, “I’ve always harbored a desire to write songs, but I lacked the know-how to reach an audience. During the lockdown, I spontaneously shared my dream with Ambar, hoping for some guidance. Little did I anticipate that he would invite me to write for him.”

“Country rock is one of my favorite genres, and when I wrote the song, I knew Das could do justice to it; considering his voice and our similar taste in music,” she adds.

The song can be enjoyed on all major music platforms like Amazon Music, Wynk, Gaana, Spotify.



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