Gurman Singh out with his new single ‘Aaja Mera Banke’

 Gurman Singh out with his new single ‘Aaja Mera Banke’

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Bajao Records has unveiled the debut single of emerging talent Gurman Singh, Aaja Mera Banke. Set to captivate audiences with its mesmerising melody and heartfelt lyrics, this enchanting ode to the delicate dance of fresh love marks Gurman’s entrance into the music industry with resounding promise.

Gurman Singh is a familiar name on Instagram for his soul-stirring covers of Bollywood songs. In Aaja Mera Banke, he brings his distinctive emotional quality and acoustic prowess. The song’s poignant lyrics paint a vivid picture of the fragility inherent in matters of the heart, inviting listeners to experience the ethereal highs and heart-stopping moments of love’s bittersweet journey.

With seamless transitions through a rollercoaster of emotions, the song resonates deeply with anyone who has savoured the joy of love’s beginning and endured the ache of its goodbye. Gurman’s soulful voice, coupled with the song’s soothing melody, promises to leave a lasting imprint on the hearts of listeners.

Aaja Mera Banke holds a special place in my heart. As my debut, it encapsulates a myriad of emotions both within the song itself and in real life. The journey of creating this song has been a rollercoaster, as I aimed for it to linger in the minds of listeners after just one listen,” says Gurman Singh.

He adds, “The song depicts the struggle of someone unable to come to terms with heartbreak. They are haunted by memories and trapped in illusions until reality inevitably strikes. It narrates the shift from a two-sided love story to a one-sided one. My goal is to convey this story through my voice.”

“We are thrilled to introduce Gurman and his debut single, Aaja Mera Banke.  to the world. This song has personally touched me and cannot wait for the world to experience this magic,” says  Bajao Records Founder and renowned singer Kanika Kapoor, adding, “His talent and passion shine through in every note, and we believe this song will touch the hearts of audiences far and wide.”

The song is available on all major streaming platforms.


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