Fanusta celebrates the magic of hands

 Fanusta celebrates the magic of hands

If you are looking for exquisite Indian handicraft items to adorn your home, you must visit On offer are quirky metal figurines, hand-painted and hand-moulded pottery, fragrant candles, boho-colourful lanterns, beautifully carved frames and eclectic wall art pieces among others. Each of these pieces has passed through various hands to convert it into the master piece that it is. What’s more, each Fanusta product is handmade so there is no mass production. Hence, you can be sure that what you bought is one of its kind and not there at any other home.

A curated marketplace for home decor items and furniture, Fanusta rediscovers the age-old Indian art that has been lost over the years. Founded in 2016, the project aims to rediscover and define the individuality of craftsmen and their craft, while also opening the doors of opportunity and exposure for them on the global platform.

As many as 59 master craftsmen across the country have got associated with Fanusta to bring their finest collection of handmade artifacts for home and living. These artists working with the company are considered a part of the team and are paid fixed regular remuneration throughout the process of completion of an order.

Since Fanusta connects the artisanal craft to its end customer directly, there is no middleman, which means the artisans are not only free to follow their creative pursuits, but are also not exploited or underpaid. Not just this, it also provides artisans opportunities to learn, co-create and innovate so that they can cater the market trends and demands.

“Our country is known for its rich culture and heritage but our traditional art and crafts have been lost in the transition towards mass production. Our goal is to bring back this lost Indian culture and craft with modern aesthetics and innovation,” says Fanusta founder Shailander Kumar.

“Some artisans working with us are honoured with Shilp Guru and President Award for their craft. With the newly launched website, we aim to provide them a global platform of opportunities and audiences, and simultaneously connect them directly with the end customers,” he adds.


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