Eagerly waiting to be in front of an audience: Thaikkudam Bridge

 Eagerly waiting to be in front of an audience: Thaikkudam Bridge

It was in 2013 that Kerala-based Thaikkudam Bridge music band was formed by Siddharth Menon and Govind Menon. All set to perform at Red FM’s South Side Story tomorrow, the band members have a chat with Saurabh Tankha

How did you all meet and the band was formed? Also, how and why Thaikkudam?
Our present management company, Wonderwall, then known as ‘aum i artist’ did the production of Music Mojo. We thought it would be a good idea to have a reunion after couple of years having jammed. We decided to include some friends too. The name was suggested by Piyush Kapoor. Basically, the guys from Mumbai were put up at a service apartment there and we also jammed there to save money. Felt right to name the band that, though we hadn’t decided on the name until it was last minute and had told the production company the name over phone resulting in the accidental wrong spelling of the place. The real spelling being Thykoodam.

Are there creative differences when you guys make music?
The objective is to satisfy all. If all are good with the song, it is like we have reached the final destination. If all are not on the same page, we don’t see it as a disagreement. Everyone in the band has a say. So basically its mutual respect that helps us overcome this. But this doesn’t mean we have only released songs when all were satisfied. It is a relationship of friends. All are aware of life being a result of winning some and conceding some.

What is the biggest problem you have encountered in this journey of music?
Our first US tour happened without our engineers and manager due to some technical issues. We had to face a lot of hardships without them. Though Rahul Samuel, a friend, helped us out in ways no words can describe. He was a one man army regarding the sound. We had to play three shows back to back every week, for one and a half months. And at Detroit, after about three hours of hectic sound check, the speakers gave up on us. We asked the impatient but forgiving and loving audience if they would mind us doing the concert without the PA (redirecting our monitor speakers to the audience). They agreed and it ended up to be one of the sweetest concerts we ever played. But was it a nail biter.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician?
Travelling and performing live with friends.

How do you rate the acceptability of Indian music abroad?
Indian music altogether is well respected abroad at least on stage. Offstage, we can’t say. We remember once we were travelling in a cab in New York and as soon as our conversation made the driver realise we are musicians from India. He asked us about Mohini Dey. And this happened not once but twice. We are so excited and proud that an Indian was known for playing a non-Indian instrument outside our continent. This kind of gives you the answer to the question.



If you were to rate the music lovers of Indian cities in terms of understanding music during a show, which will be the top three and why?
We are lucky to have found love in the ears,  eyes and screams of the people we have performed for. We are even more lucky to have found it from the first performance. Its best to be diplomatic and answer the three cities we have played the most. Ernakulam, Chennai and Bangalore. First being whichever city the reader is from :). And 2 and 3 are tied.

Top three Indian bands around today
Agam, Local Train and Masala Coffee

One word describing each band member.
Amith – God, Raj – Innocent, Hemanth – Tech-guru, Anish TN – Powerhouse, Ruthin – Absent-minded, Ashok – Social, Govind – Introvert, Mithun – Guitar-god, Vian – Rockstar, Peedambaran – Godfather, Madhab – Charmer, Krishna – Humble, Anish Krishnan – Partyboy, Vipin – Shy and Christy – Troller.

A day in the life of your band…
Airport lounges, travel, hotel rooms, sound checks, getting ready, performances, friends and parties! Of course, there’s food, little sleep and bathroom breaks in between as the need arises.

What is the band doing when it is not making music?
Making fun of someone in the band.

How has the lockdown period treated the band?
It has given everyone a chance to be with family, practice and remember the good times.

What’s next?
Next is knowing when is this ‘next’ happening. Eagerly waiting to be in front of an audience without risking anyone.


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