Shukur is a peppy melody about importance of gratitude, says Danish Ahmed

 Shukur is a peppy melody about importance of gratitude, says Danish Ahmed

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The cool cat of Kurla is back! Danish Ahmed, one of the coveted names in India’s rap circle, has come out with a new track Shukur, which once again proves why he is a name to reckon with in the world of music. Shukur is a peppy and catchy melody that calls out to our inner thankful selves.

As the singer, composer and lyricist of the song, Danish puts his multiple talents on display to talk about always being grateful. The word Shukur translates into gratitude, and through this number, Danish is thanking every person who has been his pillar of strength in life. The rapper also throws light on the helpful opportunities that made him the person he is. With music that has a cool and fresh vibe and lyrics that serve as the perfect funky companion, Shukur keeps you hooked right till the end. The song’s music has been produced by Nicks Kukreja.

Shukur boasts of a stunning music video that blends dark comedy and macabre humor in a way never seen before. Created by Artiste First, the video sees Danish portray a carefree janitor of a morgue who shakes a leg with a few of his ‘deceased’ friends in the room. As his undead pals match toe to toe with the rapper, the video turns from spooky to pure fun. Danish’s easygoing charm, coupled with the unique look, make the Shashwat Dwivedi directorial an entertaining watch. A former assistant to Anurag Kashyap, Shashwat has crafted a distinct and intriguing world of his own while helming the music video.

Danish Ahmed will also unveil I Guess, the third song of his much loved EP soon. While Deewar-E-Mohabbat was a sensational satire about noisy media and Shukur is a snazzy ode to loved ones, I Guess will give an unfiltered glimpse into the man Danish is.

From rapping, singing and beatboxing, to composing and writing, Danish has always stood by creativity and expression in his diverse career. Talking about his latest track, he says, “My musical journey wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support of my near and dear ones. I always wanted to use my art to thank the people I hold close, and Shukur is the track that accomplishes this dream of mine. At the outset, it may sound like a light and enjoyable song, but deep inside, it is all about expressing gratitude. I really loved the spooky twist that Artiste First brought to our song with the music video”.

Sharing his thoughts on the exclusive music video, Rohit Sobti, Founder, Artiste First, said, “Shukur means gratitude in the literal sense, but we wanted to see this song from a fresh perspective, and thus came the concept of a morgue with dancing bodies! The idea was to stay away from the stereotypical bright and inspiring approach, and rather take a twisted and funny look at the proceedings. Danish wants to do positive music and Shukur is his endeavor in this direction”.


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