Daler Mehndi releases new version of iconic hit song ‘Moye-Moye’

 Daler Mehndi releases new version of iconic hit song ‘Moye-Moye’

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The King of Pop, Daler Mehndi, is spreading the joy of Lohri through his latest rendition of the iconic hit, Moye Moye. This time, he’s taking it straight to the streets and feeds of Instagram with a vibrant, infectious version made just for the platform.

The Moye Moye (Instagram Version) is a dynamic explosion of energy, capturing the essence of the original song while infusing it with a fresh, modern twist. Featuring Daler Mehndi himself in a lively dance performance, the video is a whirlwind of catchy rhythms, colorful visuals, and pure infectious fun, perfectly timed for the festive spirit of Lohri.

“The world of Instagram is all about connecting with people in a fun, spontaneous way,” he says, adding, “I wanted to create a version of Moye Moye that would resonate with this audience, something that would make them want to get up and move, even if it’s just for a few seconds.”

And move they do! Since its release earlier today, the video has already garnered thousands of views and hundreds of comments, with fans praising its energy and nostalgic charm. Many are even taking to their own stories and reels, recreating Daler Mehndi’s signature dance moves and adding their own creative flair, making it a unique part of their Lohri celebrations.
“The internet loves a good challenge,” Daler Mehndi continued. “I can’t wait to see how people take this version of Moye Moye and make it their own. Let’s turn Instagram into one big Bhangra party and light up the festive spirit of Lohri!”

The release of the Moye Moye (Instagram Version) comes just as Daler Mehndi wraps up a record-breaking year. His recent global tour was a roaring success, and his music continues to find new audiences across generations and cultures. This latest offering is sure to further solidify his status as a musical icon and pioneer of bringing bhangra to the world stage.


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