Colours have healing properties

Artist Swati Pasari picks up five of her paintings and how each is spiritually inclined and has colour healing properties


The Joyous Celebration

Only when we find our true spirit is when we attain happiness and joy. Our awareness of the cosmic connection with God and His soulful music makes life a celebration and we all must dance to the mellifluous tune. Do not restrain yourself from dancing to the beautiful tune; do not restrain yourself from feeling the cosmic union. The different colors signify the many emotions of human beings which all becomes one when we hear the Almighty play his blissful tunes.



His step ushers in prosperity, wisdom and peace. His one step can heal the universe and the destructive chaos fades into oblivion. I have played with colours in this artwork to resemble the human emotions and the fragments of our soul. Only Lord Ganesha can reassemble these fragments of our inner soul and create a universe out of it. Only he can bring back peace. This artwork is a celebration of the symbolism of greater wisdom, contentment and forgiveness.

The divine perfection

Krishna with his flute is definitely known as the cosmic musician whose tune connects the soul of every cosmic being with the thread of love. His divine tune has the capability of mesmerising every being in the world with his captivating and soulful tunes. The variety of colours used symbolises the every cosmic being that rests in the soul of Lord Krishna.

The soulful reflect

Whenever we see Buddha, the word peace comes to our mind. This artwork symbolises peace and the abundance usage of the earthy tones symbolises his earthly connection and warmth as a human being. His birth was like a blooming of flower on Mother Earth who brought in the sweet, soft fragrance of love, peace and life to the Earth. He rose from his human status and went on to become a God-like figure.

The blissful flower

While blue symbolises peace and tranquility, red is all about passion and love and yellow reflects vivacity and joy. This painting depicts reflection-reflection of one soul into another, no matter how different we are from each other. Love is that one thread that binds us together and makes us see each other in one another’s soul and that is what I have tried to portray in this artwork.


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