Chal Chal Yaara, a tribute to mothers before Mother’s Day

 Chal Chal Yaara, a tribute to mothers before Mother’s Day

An emotional travel soulful track, Chal Chal Yaara, composed and sung by Ankit Chawla in an irresistible soothing rhythm backed by meaningful lyrics has been released by Koinage Records. Chal Chal Yaara is straight from the heart of Chawla who wrote it three days after he lost his mother to cancer in September 2017.
Directed by Mukesh Lakhta, the music video depicts a story of a guy who sets on a journey to the mountains to fulfill the last wish of her mother of being alive in the mountains forever. Throughout his journey, he leaves or immerses various things of his mother in different places. The beauty shots of Himachal also add to the mood and give it a travel vibe.
“I wrote Chal Chal Yara three days after my mother passed away. She was not my biological mother but meant the world to me. I know as I have experienced and people would relate to that I was the loneliest when I lost her. Life changed. People changed. Everything is not the same, nothing will be. This song is my tribute to her. It is all about trying to find her again and fulfilling her last wish. I really miss you Maa..!.”
Ankit Chawla is a talented artiste from the Capital, popularly known for his songs Bandeya with the T-Series and Ya Khuda with Koinage Records.



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