Aditi Iyer releases a perfect breakup anthem ‘Deleted Your Number’

 Aditi Iyer releases a perfect breakup anthem ‘Deleted Your Number’

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Following 2021’s poignant EP Dollhouse, the 17-year-old singer-songwriter Aditi Iyer embraces vibrant electro-pop in her new single Deleted Your Number. The Mumbai-based opera-trained artist displays dexterity and evolution in her new offering which she’s excited to put out while preparing for her 12th standard examinations.

This is a sprightly new single after her brooding dark pop of last year’s well received 4 track EP Dollhouse. On Deleted Your Number, Aditi pens a perfect breakup anthem to dance away your heartbreak fatigue to her poised, opera-trained vocals. The track is based on the idea that life is too short to care about people who do not see your value.

A first step in ending a relationship — a woeful and tangled process, is ‘deleting their number’. A brief moment of victory passes through one’s dejected state as you put this formerly relevant person in a past chapter of your life and move forward.

The Mumbai-based singer-songwriter delivers this self-celebratory message over crashing sounds, gentle harmonies and sparkling guitar strumming in a slick production by well-known singer-songwriter/producer Rohan Solomon.

Deleted Your Number generously uses steadily building synths paired with a dance pop beat. Iyer bares unprecedented vulnerability for all her 17 years on the climactic bridge before reclaiming the cheery spirit of the single.



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