Bickram Ghosh’s Out of the Box short FB performances

 Bickram Ghosh’s Out of the Box short FB performances

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Percussion guru Bickram Ghosh has come up with a series, Out of the Box, featuring short percussion performances on his Facebook. He is creating music for his fans, followers and music connoisseurs spreading happiness in the days of lockdown. The series is being shot by his wife, Jaya Seal Ghosh,  an acclaimed danseuse herself.

“I tend to always looks at the light, however thin a shimmer it might be. Over 16 lakh Covid-19 cases worldwide as we speak but then over three lakh recoveries as well as on this day. I’m in quarantine and I hope you too are. While so, I have decided to take this time doing stuff that in some way or the other breaks the norm or simply put, is out of the box!” says Bickram, adding, “Thus, here’s a new series of videos where I communicate out-of-the box as a tabla player, as a composer or as a person. Here I’m going off the beaten track . I think you will enjoy these shorts!”


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