Asia’s first healing band unveils maiden healing music single

 Asia’s first healing band unveils maiden healing music single

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To make people aware that they can cure and heal themselves through music and various frequencies and its vibrations, Asia’s first healing band – Sound of Infinity Band – launched their first healing music single, Buddham, Sharnam, Gachchhami. The launch, held through FB Live on the occasion of World Music Day and International Day of Yoga, witnessed the team of Sound of Infinity Band unveiling the video of their music. Sound of Infinity Band has been founded by psychic reformer and sound and energy master Dr Anju Sharma.

The event started with the song’s teaser of 30 seconds followed by a small video on the frequency of 9 and its importance. The event continued with a panel discussion on mental health and natural ways of healing as per the experts in the panel. The panel comprised Kathak Guru Rani Khanam; Swami Mahamandleshwar Maartand Puri, spiritual and research department, Shobhit University; Yoga Guru Sri Soham, Apar India founder chairman Raj Kumar Jain and Dr Anju Sharma. The panel discussion was moderated by theatre actor, voice over artiste-anchor Parez Mantri.

Talking about mental health issues related with Covid-19 that has increased stress levels, the experts shared their insights on the natural way to deal with the scenario. “Coronavirus has changed the module of our lifestyle. But it has given us the chance to see the good side of life. Like how we can see the stars only in the darkness likewise, we can seek a better lifestyle in this scenario. We have started to take care of ourselves and started self-love. To help yourselves in mental stress it is important to get over the fear. If you get the virus, it will be only 30% the rest 70% is in your brain – the fear. Therefore, to live happily, it is advised to live a yogic way, spiritual way,” said Sri Soham Guruji.



“To get a solution, it is important to get to the roots of the cause. In earlier times, people used to listen to music when they felt low. They chant the Omkardhwani. There was a rhythm in the body that helped in dealing with mental stress. Moreover, there was no trust issue. But today, the music has gone out of life. The balance in life is missing, the rhythm is missing. During my journey as a journalist, I experienced that people are not satisfied with what they have and urge for more. Moreover, they have trust issues. I would like to tell everyone that there is no problem in the world that cannot be solved. You just have to reach out to the person you know that will listen to you and will not judge you,” felt Swami Mahamandleshwar Maartand Puri.

“Being an artiste, I understood that those who are associated with Yoga, spiritualism and dance/music are well balanced. Nowadays, the parameters for happiness have changed. Earlier, people found happiness in small things or achievements but now they have become the unsatisfied soul and have started measuring happiness in numbers. I would like to say that emotions and body movements are integrated. When we are happy, excited or upset, we show it through the ‘Nritya Bhasha’. Also, it is important to have good immunity to fight the virus,” said Kathak Guru Rani Khanam.

Post the discussion; Sound of Infinity Band members, Urvashi Raman, Nishi Gill, Sujata Gauri, Shakti Pal Mangla, Neelam, Parth, Sakshi and the two youngest members, Riddi & Siddhi and Dr Sharma launched Buddham Sharnam Gachchhami.


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