Artist Manoj Kachangal awarded Bharatiya Kala Ratna Award 2021

 Artist Manoj Kachangal awarded Bharatiya Kala Ratna Award 2021

Artist Manoj Kachangal receiving the Bharatiya Kala Ratna Award 2021

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Greater Noida based artist Manoj Kachangal has become the proud recipient of the Bharatiya Kala Ratna Award 2021. The award was bestowed upon him by Pune-based Global Scholar Foundation at a function held at Novotel Goa Candolim Hotel in Goa.

Kachangal, 42, was selected for this award for his exceptional work during the pandemic lockdown last year when he made as many as 600 paintings on the importance of preserving nature and maintaining ecological balance. These paintings were purchased by Sun Wave Pharma, Bucharest (Romania) to be distributed among healthcare workers.

Kachangal with former ISRO space scientist Dr TN Suresh

“This is the first time that an Indian artist sold so many art works abroad. Also, through these paintings, I have tried to send across a message that is so important, especially during the times we are living in,” he says.

But this was not the only award he got this year – he got four others – two national (Rashtriya Rattan Award from Indore-based We Yuva Foundation and Bharat Bhushan Award from NAHF, Bhopal) and two international awards (International Prestigious Award from Pune-based WAC Global Foundation and Asia Pride Award from NAHF, Bhopal) as well.

Sun waves in nature, an acrylic on paper by Kachangal

Though an abstract artist, Kachangal draws heavily from Vedas and Puranas, which is also the subject of his research these days. “Based on the research that I have done till now, I can surely say that abstract art originated in India during the Vedic period. Once the research is complete, I am sure the global vision of looking at Indian abstract art will gain a new dimension,” he says. “Abstract art is an expression of the Divine. It connects us to Almighty God in a way which no other form of art can do,” he adds.




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